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In-Ear-Monitoring custom-made



2.Colors and surfaces




6.Order processing




The in-ear monitoring systems are soft-hard. The pin, which protrudes into the ear, consists of a high-end silicone, which is relatively soft at room temperature, in the ear
Body temperature then becomes completely soft. The auditory canal is thus completely sealed. For small ear canals, however, you should refrain from this variant and hard shells

The model numbers and prices for the hard version can be found under Variants

All variants have MMCX connector sockets which are installed in the earmold towards the nose. The connection cable is then placed like a spectacle hanger behind the ear. Of the
Cable is 1.3 m / 50 inch long and is equipped with MMCX plug and 3.5 mm jack plug. All contacts are gold plated.

Cerumen filters (ear wax filters) prevent the penetration of foreign objects into the sound channel. If the system is to be quieter, the system must be switched on in minutes
Change tool itself.

The variants

Delivery time

The delivery time can be up to 3 weeks. However, it is usually shorter. Just ask for a band discount! See also FAQ 




2-4 way-systems

PE 122-PE 144

Prices and technical data

can be found in the Webshop


2-4 way-systems

PE 1122-PE 1144

Prices and technical data

can be found in the Webshop





2.Colors and surfaces

Standard colors:

Red Transparent, Clear Transparent, Transparent Blue, Skin Color


Other non-transparent colors on request

Surfaces (faceplate), thus visible from the outside:

Soapstone, wood, aluminum etc. on request




Cable length 1.30m / 50inch. Connections 3.5mm jack and MMCX plug (all gold plated)


1 Onyx-Motion (black)

2 Graphite-Motion (grey)

3 Crystal-Motion (transparent)

All cables have a flexible reinforcement in the ear area and allow them to be optimally adapted to the earanatomy.

A note for old customers:
All replacement cables from PlasticsOne are compatible with previous ohr & more Inears !!!





Band discount ..... how much is there?

When a band of up to 5 musicians is ordered together, there is a 3.5% discount per musician (example: 4 musicians pay 14% less))

How do I maintain my Inears?


As a rule, wiping with pure alcohol and short-term drying

The inears are quieter (barely high, dull bass), is there a defect?

The cerumen filters are added to 99%. The filters can be exchanged very quickly. If in doubt, contact the manufacturer and do not "play" on the volume..

What to do if there are no filters on the quick?

Here helps, but only for emergencies, removing the filter with an office clip

6.Order processing

Print with soft earmolds first a Form for the hearing aid acoustician and make an appointment to take the impression.

Here Albert Lee receives his impressions from the owner

Bring the imprints promptly (Depending on the impression material used, a shrinking process occurs over time) and without pressure in the mail. You should prefer the incrustation. Due to the Tracking number, you are always informed of the shipment history.

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